Governing Council Member -Vivek Kumar

I am a self-made business entrepreneur, who at the early age of 21 years ventured into garment manufacturing in Bangalore with a paltry amount. I picked unassuming, unqualified persons and made experts and stalwarts out of them in the industry. I employed whatever resources came to me vis-à-vis training, methodology, techniques, and developed the business into a large scale enterprise. I started with only 2 employees earning a tiny turnover of 10 lakhs in the year 1984, and grew it to 5000 employees with a turnover of 180 crores in 2011 year.

Then in the year 1992, I started to delve into real estate and have already made huge inroads into this business: and has several turnkey projects, land developments, some health centers, residential plots, and resorts.

In the year 2010, I entered the hospitality services and am managing a five-star hotel, resort and Spa near the new airport in Bangalore, called Clarks Exotica. There also I managed an efficient team and delivered profits within 2 years. The hotel has recently won the prestigious award in ‘Best Practices’ for 2013 in Austria, and for ‘Quality Service’ for the years 2012-13 in New York.

But my real strength lies in my human relations and my ability to source and develop raw talent into successful experts. I have been so fortunate that people have shown me great respect, regard and gratitude that they remain loyal to me in all circumstances. I am personally concerned about my staff and their families because I believe in the whole family unit being in good form. I have transformed untrained and unqualified men and women into high caliber performers in a short time. They have superseded even the educated from top universities. Through all this I have remained down-to-earth, simple, practical and humble.

I am spiritually inclined and my conscience remains my constant guide. I am well-read and well-taught in religious pursuits. I have always sought only the best in the field of scholars, priests, discourses, and worships centers to seek divine solace. I am very secular and respect all beliefs. My own principles, standards, and ethics come from very high expectations of myself which I practice and preach.

Where it comes to medical knowhow and medical intervention, I am quite proficient for a lay person. Even in the field of psychology I have well established concepts and have independently guide and counseled many people to bring relief and peace in their turmoil. I strongly believe in alternative methods and approaches. I love natural applications to health, and am eclectic in his approach when it comes to people welfare. I can only serve mankind and have always had their well being in his mind in all circumstances. I know my limitations, when knowledge beyond my capacity is required, and am the first to propose another person with better credentials. In the process I have helped the professional and the client in many ways. To some extent I am a multi-facetted man, with human welfare in mind and will extend all manner of help to the needy.

At the heart of my life is my family, both at the nuclear and joint family levels. I have extreme regard and respect for elders and seniors. I have raised two wonderful children with all emphasis on their character development. I have favored the poor and needy in my philanthropic efforts. I have sponsored children in education, medical and sustenance needs, regularly. I have donated to worthy causes, especially in the field of medicine.

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Raghu Kataria


Dr K K Aggarwal, Padma Shri, Dr B C Roy National Awardee & DST National Science Communication Awardee

Governing Council Members

Sumi Malik, Vivek Kumar, Naina Aggarwal, Nilesh Aggarwal,

Executive Council Members

Shalin Kataria, Harish Malik, Anisha Kataria, Vishnu Sureka, Rishab Soni, Deep Malik, Vikram Joshi, Dr N K Bhatia, Aarti Upadhyay, Geeta Anand


Mukul Rohtagi, Ashok Chakradhar

Strategic Consultant

Saurabh Aggarwal
In Memory

Sameer Malik

 Sameer Malik

Sameer Malik known as Sam was born in New Delhi on the 27th Dec 1976 into an entrepreneur business family. He had a generous heart, peaceful, pure, lovely, warm-hearted smile and genuine person.


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