Success Stories Of The Patients Of Heart Care Foundation Fund

Intezar Hussain, 65, from Delhi has a family of four and a meager earning of Rs 36000. His condition was critical, he was diagnosed with an unstable angina and needed a priority bypass surgery. Hussain was adopted by the fund for his surgery. His surgery was sponsored by the National Heart institute. A re-surgery was required post the initial operation since he was diagnosed was with another heart condition called femoral artery embolism. Both his surgeries have been successful and today he leads a happy and normal life with his family.

Mohammad Haroon, 32, from LoniGhasiabad is a tailor of meager means who has a family of 6 to support. It was nothing short of a nightmare come true when he was diagnosed with a heart disease. His heart was blocked by 90% and was practically on the verge of failing. What followed was a major financial crisis since he was the sole earner for the household, with an annual income of less than Rs 4000 for a year. Mohammad haroon required a drug coated stent to be inserted into his artery which in any private hospital would cost him somewhere around Rs 60-70 thousand plus another 1 lakh for the procedure. The cost of his surgery was equivalent to his accumulated earnings of 5 years. They approached the Sameer Mallik Heart Care Foundation in time and the Foundation facilitated his surgery at the GB Pant Hospital under Dr Vijay Trehan. The surgery was successful and Mohammad Haroon is back to his tailoring business and his children look forward to completing their education to become independent and successful individuals.

Nand Kishore, 45, is a retired driver. He is father to an illustrious 18 year old girl, already a social activist and with a lot of dreams and hopes for her career. When Nand Kishore suffered a heart attack it was a bolt of blue for the family. They lost no time in approaching Padmashri, Dr B C Roy National and DST National Science Communication Awardee Dr K KAggarwal at Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund. DrAggarwal facilitated his angiography at GB Pant Hospital .Nand Kishore is happy and healthy, but happier is his daughter who can now look forward to a bright career and also work hard to provide the same for her brother.

Emotion is one of the foundations at the Sameer Mallik Heart Care Foundation Fund. We understand what the fear of losing an irreplaceable loved one is. We also understand how much tougher it gets when that loved one is the only person you are solely dependent on. It gives us a lot of joy and peace to see families be re-united the post successful surgeries of the patient. We feel blessed and empowered to do much, much more.


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