Success Stories Of The Patients Of Heart Care Foundation Fund

We introduce to you Nafe Singh, the 67 year old man with an iron will from UP. He was diagnosed with a heart ailment and required to have an ICD pacemaker fit in his chest, a machine which gives automatic electric shocks to revive the patient incase of a sudden cardiac arrest. The price quoted to him was Rs.7.5 lacs and as a person of meager financial means, Nafe Singh was falling short of the amount by a huge margin even after selling his buffalo (a sole resource of daily living for him) for 35,000. The Heart Care Foundation Fund intervened and after discussing the case with Dr. RakeshYadav from AIIMS, we came to the conclusion that a simple ICD model would suffice for Nafe Singh. A special subsidized price of Rs.2.25 lacs was agreed upon. We sanctioned Rs 1 lac, and managed to convince his family members to contribute an additional amount of Rs.90,000. The surgery was successful and Nafe Singh is a happy man today because not only did the Fund support him, but also made sure that his family steps forward for the aged of the house when he needed them more than anybody else.

Often, persons with chronic illnesses experience a nagging fear of being dependent on their families. This burden can have emotional, physical, social, and financial aspects. Basanti Devi, 65, is from Uttarakhad. She was solely dependent on her only daughter and son-in-law after being diagnosed with a heart ailment.  For her, being healthy meant being independent. After several frantic but failed efforts to find assistance for her condition, she came to the Sameer Mallik Heart Care Foundation Fund. A bypass surgery was recommended for her and the monetary requirement was Rs 1,25,000. However, the Fund sent her to National Heart Institute where the angiography results showed that a bypass surgery could be avoided and it was a medically manageable disease. Today, she truly feels blessed to be a healthy individual and not dependent on her daughter for her treatment.


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