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The ‘Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund’, a one of its kind initiative under the Heart care Foundation of India (a leading national non-governmental organization committed to raising awareness about impending health issues in the country), has been championing the cause of heart-care in the national capital and the country. It aims at providing technical and financial assistance to over 600 patients in a year suffering from heart related ailments and for whom affording quality treatment is economically out of bounds.

Children have a right to live irrespective of their gender
It is not every day that a bout of good luck comes your way, that too when you are clutching at the last straws and almost falling short of hope. The Sameer Malik Heart Care Foundation Fund has recently been instrumental in saving the lives several children, below 15 years of age and Read more about the stories of children from the margins of our society.

Old or frail, each person has the right to live till their last breath
At the Sameer Mallik Heart Care Foundation Fund, age does not stop us from reaching out to those who need us. The Right to Life is every person’s Fundamental Right, one that is protected by the state. No matter if that life is a 7 year old one or a 70 year old one; it is equally dear to both the owners. A fundamental principal that we, at Heart Care Foundation Fund follow is respect for this ideology.

We would like to share with you a few heart touching stories about senior citizens who have been battling with heart ailments, and despite social, economic, physical and psychological barriers have a passion for living, which nobody has the right to deny them simply because they are not young anymore. We are grateful that we got an opportunity to help them win these battles.

One life saved can help an entire family
Often, couched in our own comforts we fail to realize that around us are several disadvantaged persons, striving to achieve a balance. People who can barely make both ends meet. What makes it even worse is when the sole bread winner of these families is afflicted with a life threatening disease. In our country, a lot of lives are lost to heart diseases on a rapid frequency; mostly because of lack of medical treatment.

We share with you the some stories of people who have been benefitted from the fund, these individuals are the sole bread winners for their families. Had they not lived, the whole family would be down the road of despair today.

Wrong diagnosis induces a fear far more dangerous than the disease itself
Patients from the very margins of the society come to us with tears in their eyes telling us how they need to go through a bypass surgery or have a pace maker fit in order for them to live. On investigation a lot of these cases have been those of wrong diagnosis.

These patients do not infact need surgeries or procedures, these conditions can be managed with medication.


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